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Originally Posted by HUNGER OF THE UNDEAD View Post
I hadnt seen these guys since that turd carnival otherwise known as the black tour in Dec of 91 at the Centrum. hadnt heard any of the new album. The first 2 songs were actally pretty damn good.
I didnt see the Sword, but Machine Head were a dissapointment, espceically when you consider that Rob and Phil were once in the legendary VIO-LENCE!
Some cool songs I was psyched to hear like HARVESTOR OF SORROW, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, BATTERY and HIT THE LIGHTS! I saw these guys 2x in 86 and 2x in 89 and they never played that song!!
I could have done without nothing else matters and the tease of FRAYED ENDS OF SANITY before plodding into a queen cover
but overall a good show!
So you like Death Magnetic better than the Black Album?
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