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Kreator, along with Destruction and Sodom became the leaders of the German thrash metal movement that co-existed with the thriving U.S. thrash metal movement of the early-to-mid 1980's. While metal music was forced into the underground and below in the 1990's due to the rise of grunge music. Kreator who is still to this very day is still one of the three kings of german thrash metal had a few tricks up their sleeves during that decade starting with 'Renewel' (1992) which got very little traction because Kreator decided to put some industrial elements into their music and have also experimented with their sound a bit on that album. 'Cause for Conflict' (1995) had songs that had more of a Sepultura vibe to them. 'Outcast' (1997) added the main man of Coroner, Tommy Vetterli in the line up but the songs remained the same in the formula of brutal death-metal-thrash-industrial hybrid which began with 'Cause for Conflict'. 'Outcast' was miles away from the Kreator of the past. The end of an era for the world was coming near when Kreator released 'Endorama' (1999) because most thrash bands have either disappeared, changed to become more radio friendly or remained true to their style, which unfortunately relegates the band to the underground status. What Kreator attempted to do was create their own sound taking their classic thrash roots and mixing it with some industrial and other modern styles. They did not disappear or become friendly for radio but it did leave the fans furious and the metal scene responded by pissing down the back of the band like they were the alley wall of a Essen beer hall. Kreator have spent most of the new millennium giving the fans what they wanted and made their comeback with 'Violent Revolution' (2001) and 'Enemy of God' (2005) which were the first two in the hat trick string that would soon be 'Hordes of Chaos' and even though the aforementioned albums in the new millennium pleased a lot of Kreator fans. The only gripe was that things became a bit on the money or had sterile production, even. I have listened to this album a lot since SPV sent it to the radio station I am apart of and well, things sound different but good from the title track, " Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)". What made the album interesting to listen to that the basic tracks were recorded live together and it shows a lot through out the album because what you hear on the album is what you are going to see live on stage. There is a nice mix of faster thrash musically and those must have, mid-speed headbangers that Kreator does an amazing job at. You should let this limited pressing sink in a bit before you go around screaming, "the best Kreator album since 'Coma of Souls'!". 'Hordes of Chaos' offers nothing but plain ambition that, catchy and solid songwriting, classic riffs, and live energy of 'Hordes of Chaos' make it an instant classic, a not so arguable high point in the band's catalog. Even though it's the beggining of 2009. Kreator has set the bar for the Best Metal Album of 2009 pretty damn high!
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