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Satyricon put on a good show. Some of the songs that are just merely OK on CD were great live. The Wolfpack was probably the best song out of the whole setlist live and I thought the song was boring when I first heard The Age of Nero. I never saw any of the music videos, promo shots, or recent live footage, so I was a bit surprised to see Satyr looking like Ihsahn with his slicked back, greased hair and button up shirt. The guy puts on an excellent show and he said "I don't want to make any promises, but we would really love to come back sometime in the fall like September or October." I would love to see them headline.

I saw Cradle of Filth last year or late 2007 with GWAR and I think the woman that normally comes with them to sing is gone because the keyboardist was singing. Their drummer was quite awful the last time I saw them, but Friday I noticed he was much better (but he's still no Frost).
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