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Neldöreth (my band)

Evil Dead (Death cover)
Invert Christ
The Eternal Mockery
The Empire ov Satan
Massacre of the Graceful Ones
In League with Satan (Venom cover)


Primordial Domination / The Fallen Priest
Rotting With Your Christ
Ethereal Misery
Dying Divinity
Anoint the Chosen
The Ibex Moon
Entrantment of Evil
Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies


Pay to Die
The Final Skull
Submerged In Sin
Slaves to Society
You'll Be Blamed
What Kind of God
Victims of Jesus
Unknown Soldier
Funeral Bitch

Vital Remains:

Intro: Where is Your God Now?
Icons of Evil
Born to Rape the World
Intro: Let the Killing Begin
Forever Underground
War in Paradise
Descent into Hell
Hammer Down the Nails


The Beginning of the End / Till Death Do Us Part
We Are the Children of the Underworld
Bastard of Christ
When Satan Rules His World
In the Eyes of God
Scars of the Crucifix
Bible Basher
Homage for Satan
Kill the Christian
Death to Jesus
Lunatic of God's Creation
Dead by Dawn
Sacrificial Suicide
Ave Azarate! 218
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