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Originally Posted by metalmilitia54 View Post
Hmm, half the new album, some surprises from Vain Glory Opera CD - which is awesome! Love that album, but now missing other favorites like Mysteria, Vain Glory Opera , Sacrifice...honestly I didn't like the new album that much but the songs they chose to perform were some of ones I liked better except "Nine Lives" which should be like "Wake Up Dreaming Black" or something. Speedhoven is a big fuck yes, that's my favorite on the album. Dead Or Rock...interesting opener. Well, I'll see what they'll have when they come to the USA again.
If they dump Until We Rise Again, The Pharoah, and/or The Headless Game for stuff like Vain Glory Opera, Tears of a Mandrake, Mysteria, Babylon, etc, I probably won't go to see them this fall.
This fall will be my fifth time seeing Edguy (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008), and I have been bored to death with their set lists as of late. This would be my fourth time seeing VGO and Tears, and my third seeing Mysteria and Babylon. I'd rather have gems like those that I've never seen before.
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