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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post
I'm not sure I can totally agree with that, though I sympathize somewhat. I think that's a fairly metal-biased way of looking at music; that description of lyrics' place in a song fits metal, but I'm not sure you can extend it to all other genres.
I just like lyrics that make sense given the atmosphere of the music that they go with. I mean, I'll use Fleet Foxes as an example because they're masters of it, but they sing about forests and mountains and squirrels and shit because they sound like they're sitting at the base of a California redwood while they're playing. And old Immortal Technique - he had angrier than shit lyrics, with some pretty "brutal" beats. But so much of The 3rd World sounds to me like angry lyrics with jarringly out-of-place radio rap beats. I'm not saying lyrics aren't important: they are, and as a writer who isn't much of a musician, I know that for a damn fact. But I think their purpose should be to supplement the music; not the other way around.
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