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I'll comment on the first 40 that I've heard:

50. Edguy- I didn't think the whole thing was all that great, and they definitely dropped the ball on the supposedly humorous track on the end, but it never annoyed me, haha.

49. Judas Priest- This was in my top 10, but this happened last year too. We disagree at times.

46. Metallica- I didn't hate this at all either. I liked the majority of it, in fact. Oh well.

45.-43. Ihsahn-In Flames-Dismember- You nailed it. Well, for Dismember, I nailed it, then you agreed.

32. Toxic Holocaust- I didn't feel betrayed because I wasn't a huge fan when they were still underground. I kind of feel the opposite of you on this one because I have nothing against good bands getting exposed to bigger audiences.

31. The Monolith Deathcult- I didn't hear this one, but FUCK THOSE LYRICS. Seriously, they will never get me to listen to them with that kind of attitude.

30. Earth- Basically.

27. Amon Amarth- Well, I liked it a lot more than you did, but I'm glad you somewhat came around and warmed up to it.

22. Immortal Technique- I think you're being a bit nicer to it than I was, but I don't totally disagree.

19. Genghis Tron- I'm just glad you don't totally hate it, because all year I kinda thought you might. But yeah, it's one of my favorite albums of the year and I first heard it last January, so obviously I don't really agree that its effect wears off.
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