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My band doubling as a Maiden tribute!

Well it's taken long enough, but my band finally has enough shows booked (including several at the same venue), that we're planning on "throwing" a show at the end of this month by ditching all original material to double as an Iron Maiden tribute band! With the help of our ex-second guitarist rejoining us for this gig, we will be performing a 45-minute set of Maiden tunes, straying from the absolute hits a little bit to include a few of our lesser-known favorites. We'll also be wearing all-Maiden t-shirts, and trying to imitate the band themselves with our stage moves and whatnot. It's gonna be A LOT of fun.

If anyone would happen to be within reasonable distance of Allentown, PA and would enjoy rocking to the great tunes of Maiden with us for 45 minutes, let me know! Show is on January 30th!
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