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1. Forgotten (Lost Angels) (Lamb of God)
2. Battle Metal (Turisas)
3. Felt Through a Phone Line (36 Crazyfists)
4. Clouds over California (DevilDriver)
5. The End of Heartache (Killswitch Engage)
6. The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
7. Colony of Birchmen (Mastodon)
8. Bleed (Meshuggah)
9. Fucking Hostile (Pantera)
10. Microphone Fiend (Rage Against the Machine)
11. Der Meister (Rammstein)
12. Spit it Out (Slipknot)
13. Sugar (System of a Down)
14. Nuke the Cross (Toxic Holocaust)
15. Elysium (36 Crazyfists)

gives me a boner just thinking about it
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