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I have to do this once again due to my massive infatuation with BG as of late.

Intro:War of Wrath
1.Into the Storm
2.Welcome to Dying
3.Another Holy War
4.Theatre of Pain
6.The Script For My Requiem
7.Punishment Divine
8.The Last Candle
10.Mordred's Song
13.Bright Eyes
14.Lord of the Rings
15.And Then There Was Silence
--------Encore 1---------
16.Lost in the Twilight Hall
17.And the Story Ends
--------Encore 2----------
18.Somewhere Far Beyond
19.The Bard's Song
20.Imaginations From the Other Side
21.Mirror Mirror

... and I still feel like I'm doing them injustice not including Time What is Time, Battlefield, Traveller in Time, I'm Alive, A Past and Future Secret, The Soulforged, Fly, and a few other Nightfall tracks.
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