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Great Show!

Hell Yea! I was there! that was such a good show! I totally got lost in the ghetto on the way down though (i live like 2 hours away from detroit.) Yea being the only white kid within like two miles of where i was, was pretty sweet though. Haha but the show was sick. I made it just in time for Winds of Plague! Thank god! I love that band! That was my seconed time seeing them and there amazing as ever. During Winds of Plague and Dimmu Borgir I was one person back from the barricade which was sweet, except that i was surrounded by people smoking the worst weed ever.

During Dimmu Borgir though i thought that the crowd was REALLY mellow. We did treat them like they were superstars but the pit was empty! Everyone was sitting at the bar or in the balcony! But it was sweet. Then Danzig. Damn he had the flu and still sounded amazing! The Fillmore went crazy when he came on, the pit was absolutley full! I was still really close until some big drunk mfkr literally picked me up and moved me back but then i got my spot back. It was so sweet with everybody singing along! When he played "tired of being alive", the place went absolutley insane, I think that was the best song of the set.

Yea it was really sweet. One of the greatest shows ive been to!
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