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Necrophobic -- Stockholm, Sweden -- December 26th, 2008

Spawned By Evil
Into Armageddon
I Strike With Wrath
Taste Of Black
Dreams Shall Flesh
The Crossing
For Those Who Stayed Satanic (new song from coming album a hymn to us who stayed in the scene for more than 20 yrs)
The Third Of Arrivals
Sitra Ahra
The Slaughter Of Baby Jesus
Nocturnal Silence

Great fucking show at a packed Mosebacke Jazzclub, maybe not the ultimate venue for metal but the p.a. is fantastic. Great fucking shit all in all. As usual loads of old school people at show aswell as people from bands such as Watain, Grand Magus, Entombed, Dismember and so on...
13/4 Grave + Demonical
17/4 The Only Ones
28/4 Blaze Bayley + Enemynside
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