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Fan behavior

Andrew- I'm 43, have been listening to AC/DC for close to 30 years and saw them on their For Those About to Rock, Flick of the Switch, Razors Edge and Stiff Upper Lip tours. I think your criticism of the crowd is valid but what would they expect when they are charging $92/ticket + service charges + parking etc (in Philadelphia, where I live)? The kids are priced out of the shows. When I was growing up, the best seats went to people who slept out and waited in line for hours, the true diehards who deserved to be up front and who pretty much guaranteed a great crowd. Now they go to those who can pay the most via StubHub. Not that those who can afford it are naturally stiffs but over the years, I've noticed a steady decline in true devotees at many concerts and have seen these people replaced by those who are there to be part of the scene, to see a spectacle, regardless of who is playing. I have a decent job that enables me to see a lot of shows. That said, $92 is too much to charge for every single seat in the house. I don't mind spending less and sitting farther away- at least give me that option.

Now a word about the shows. Yes Black Ice is a great cd and yes the reviews of the concerts have been very positive. That said, five songs from the cd is too much when the band in question has not toured in 8 years and may not tour again. I can think of a bunch of songs I'd rather hear than anything from Black Ice (Problem Child, Rock 'n Roll Damnation, High Voltage, Have a Drink on Me, Shot Down in Flames, etc.). It's a shame that people seeing AC/DC for the first time (a sizable portion of each night's crowd, I imagine) will not be able to see these songs performed live. If AC/DC were a band that tours regularly, I'd have no problem with the set. However I think they owe their fans a greatest hits show ("greatest hits" meaning pretty much everything from their birth through Back in Black- as good as Black Ice is, nothing on it knocks any of the aforementioned songs down on the best of list) with a few decent songs from their later albums thrown in on a rotating basis.
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