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Originally Posted by Jdog View Post
Well, that's the first good point you've made. However the only people who could know that are the four guys in the studio at the time. But I'm gonna go with they made the album that was in them, not by any direction or suggestion Cliff gave in the past. If anything, as the band has stated, Cliff was into the more melodic stuff that they had composed. I remember hearing or reading in an interview from Kurt that Cliff listened to the Eagles often.
You mean Kirk?
He was into a lot of things, including 70's prog rock. Somewhere on youtube you can find a video of his first band playing at their high school, and it sounds a hell of a lot more prog than the Eagles. None of the other three were very influenced by that type of material until well after Cliff joined, and I doubt any of them had much to do with putting together compositions like Ktulu or Orion, the same types of long and complex songs on Justice, only with more speed.
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