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In Extremo -- Munich, Germany -- December 21st, 2008

In Extremo stopped by in Munich to promote their current album "Sängerkrieg". I don't know if you guys have heard about this band at all, but here in Germany they're actually quite big. Their last album even reached the top of the national LP-charts and they're playing all the big festivals including, of course, Wacken. You can describe their music as Medieval-Rock, as they're combining exotic instruments like bagpipes or hurdy-gurdies with heavy guitars. Here are two clips I found on youtube, which should give you a good impression of what to expect.

The show itself was awesome. In Extremo played for about two hours in front of approximately 2500-3000 people. The crowd was going insane and the band seemed to be very motivated although the singer had a bad cold and a bandage at his left arm(he injured himself at one of the first shows of the tour - he was standing too close to one of the flamethrowers).
The setlist was pretty good and covered the whole discography whereas the show was stunning as always. Besides the great lightshow and the cool LEDs in the back, there were a lot of pyrotechnics and fireworks. Especially the six huge flamethrowers in front of the stage were just awesome...I love that stuff!

The support band was End Of Green which is a German Alternative-/Gothic-/Dark-Rock Band. But not one of those crappy cliché-bands but a quite decent and formidable one. I really need to get one of their albums.

01. 7 Köche
02. Frei Zu Sein
03. Liam
04. Hiemali Tempore
05. Sängerkrieg
06. Nymphenzeit
07. Ave Maria
08. Spielmannsfluch
09. Poc Vecem
10. Vollmond
11. En Esta Noche
12. Ai Vis Lolop
13. Zauberspruch
14. In Diesem Licht
15. Flaschenpost
16. Rasend Herz
17. Mein Sehnen
18. Omnia Sol Temperat
19. Aufs Leben
20. Küss Mich
21. Krummavísur
22. Wind
23. Villeman Og Magnhild
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