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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
Maiden, with their overly long AMOLAD?

Another band I really like, but don't say that they have made only good albums...

amolad was a good album. following in the trend of the post reunion albums id say it was a step forward. i would rank the songs they did on amolad higher than any of the simplistic "weekend warrior" or "bring your daughter" type of songs they did in the past.

if you give it a chance theres plenty of amazing stuff on there, lord of light is definitely a great metal song, it even sounds almost old school sabbath like in a way. the drumming in greater good stood out for me, especially right before the solo. the legacy had a very cool abstract intro. bruce's vocals were perfect at conveying the emotion behind the lyrics. i wouldnt say its the perfect album to rock out to, but its certainly not boring. you have to give the guys in maiden credit, theyre not stupid guys, just cause it doesnt jump out at you first doesnt make it boring.
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