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Originally Posted by Jdog View Post
I was speaking dollars for dollars. But yes, Maiden has put out many more noteworthy and respectable albums. No argument there. Many of those bands that sight Maiden as an influence, you know that Metallica are right along in there too. Both Maiden and Metallica - Metallica more so - changed the genre of Rock. Outside of them, Sabbath and Nirvana, I can't think of any other bands that have done that. Even with the piece-of-shit albums they have put out, they have still garnered more fans than Maiden. Yes Maiden may have toured this year to places that Metallica has never been (can that be proven?) and maybe they might have more 'loyal' fans but that hardly makes them more successful. Maiden's fans have dropped off as well since Powerslave. That's apparent through album and ticket sales since then. So with that said, is Metallica more successful? A resounding YES.
Metallica changed the genre of Rock? I don't know about that. Their impact on early thrash is clear but it seems to me that Metallica has followed, less led, since Load.

As much I love Iron Maiden, there isn't any question that Metallica Corporation has become the bigger band.
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