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A few things I've gotta say:

1.That Whitesnake album is NOT that bad. It's not very good won't rank very high at all for me, but it's NOT nearly as bad as you make it out to be. If that album had been released in 1993 or so, it would've been accepted as just another solid Whitesnake album.

2.Dragonforce's overwhelming desire to write video game music started on Inhuman Rampage. Just because they weren't in a video game prior doesn't change the fact that Herman Li has said they intentionally write "video game metal". This band's first two albums were salvagable, the later two are garbage.

3.The fact that you don't think Torn is at least as good or better than Monday Morning Apocalypse scares me beyond all belief. You can't believe how much it annoys me that you totally ignore their first 4 excellent albums and then praise the absolute downpoint of their career. Torn is much better than MMA, a very solid album that gets back to what Evergrey are all about, the problem is that's kind of hard for you to understand when you don't care about their first 4 albums.
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