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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
Also, it's absolutely retarded to say that Cliff was the driving force behind the band. The guy helped write about 9 songs or so for the entire band. The rest of the 33, including the ones Cliff helped to write, all have Hetfield/Ulrich stamped on them. Not to mention, their best album (IMO) was written entirely without Cliff, excluding parts of To Live is to Die. Hetfield/Ulrich have always been the driving force of Metallica, and since Lars is a shitty/mediocre drummer - I'd like to say Hetfield is the reason Metallica are Metallica.
First of all, Kill Em All was a good album, but nothing special creative-wise.

Now lets look at Ride The Lightning. Fire, Ride, Bell, Fade, Creep all credit Cliff, and at some point or another you can find "they need to play ___", "I wish they played ___", or "YES THEY PLAYED ____" on this site containing all of those songs. Escape and Trapped Under Ice are the two you won't see in those phrases, and coincidentally the only two without Cliff in the credits. Ktulu is rarely played live, but it's hard not to say it's a great track. If not for Cliff, the intro riff in For Whom The Bell Tolls would either be filled by lone quarter notes on the bass drum or a lame guitar bit.

I don't agree that Justice is their best album, but either way it's not very far removed, if at all from their previous two albums. The format of the album itself and the song structures are essentially the same. To me it's "Master Of Puppets II", much like Wayne's World. The second one was good, but it's just not the same.

To sum it up, Cliff was what seperated Metallica from Megadeth and Testament. Then came the Black Album.
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