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ChildrenofSodom's 2008 List

I didn't hear that many albums this year, thus my list only has 22 albums. I was going to listen to the new Edguy, Satyricon, Destruction, and Toxic Holocaust, but after the first few songs of each, I realized I didnt have enough energy to care. So, for now my list is at 22.

22. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III - 2008 was definetely a year of diversification for me. I got into a lot of rap and hip-hop, and I had been hearing alot about Lil Wayne. Lollipop was a pretty catchy song, and I like Lil Wayne's guest spot on My Life with The Game, so I stole this record from my little brother. I almost quit listening to music afterwards. The vocals are annoying, the misogynistic lyrics are filthy, and the album as a whole is trash.

21. Winds of Plague - Decimate the Weak - My brother bought this album because the album cover is pretty bad ass. Awful, awful mistake. This album only ranks above Lil Wayne because the song titles are pretty cool. When I first put Decimate the Weak in, I was pleasantly surprised because the first track, Cold Day in Hell, sounded pretty epic. Unfortunately, the band decided to take a hike up Shit Mountain, and the rest of the album shows. To be honest, the 'metalcore' or whatever you call it isn't that bad. But the 'brutal' pig growls coupled with the monotonous chug-chug breakdowns (IN EVERY SINGLE SONG!) are suicide-inducing. The lyrics are flat and 'want to kill you in your face, motherfucker.' I don't wish this album upon any level-minded metalhead, or fan of music in general.

20. Kingdom of Sorrow - Kingdom of Sorrow - I never listened to Crowbar, and I only liked Hatebreed for a few months. The vocal performance on this album is monochromatic and the music is less-than-awe-inspiring. I could have done without listening to this album.

19. Metallica - Death Magnetic - I didn't 'get into' metal because of Metallica. I didn't grow up on Metallica. Hell, I don't even listen to Metallica unless its on the radio or in a movie. I do not understand the hype behind this album. The songs were way too long and the music was lacking. There was no thickness/depth to the music, and the tracks sounded too disconnected from each other. The guitarwork was unimpressive, the drums were shitty, and the vocals were annoying. The lyrics were one-demensional. I believe the only reason this album is considered as good as it is is because it bears the name Metallica.

18. Children of Bodom - Blooddrunk - The music on this album was predictable and disappointing. I've never been a big fan of Children of Bodom, so I dont really feel let down, per se. On the other hand, I feel like I should be compensated for time served. Some of the vocals reminded me of Damageplan. The Lyrics were also sickening. Lobodomy? Really? Leave the puns to the professionals (me). I liked the cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky.

17. All That Remains - Overcome - As the former resident metalcore fanboy, I had to give this album a chance. A few songs off of their last release caught my ear, so I am optimistic for this release. My brother bought it, and I'm glad...because I wouldn't have wasted the cash. Before the Damned, Two Weeks, Chiron, and Do Not Obey are pretty okay metalcore. But the whole album sounds like one long song. Every track is riff-growled verse-sung chorus-riff-solo-chorus X4. It got tiring. They came really close to improving. Better luck next time, guys: I'll be looking for you.

16. Flogging Molly - Float - This is the portion of my list where I actually start enjoying the albums. When I first heard of this thing called 'Celtic Punk', I was quite entertained. I though the shtick was cute. Alot of the lyrics on this album are catchy, and the music is danceable. I actually quite like a few songs on this album. But I began to lose interest when I faced several revelations. 1) Alot of the songs on this album and their others sound too much alike, due to strict adherence to the aforementioned shtick. 2) There are other Celtic punk bands out there. Flogging Molly aren't 'special.' 3) This kind of music is pretty tiring live. For those reasons, I place this album so low. I'm relistening to it right now, and I may be a little harsh. Oh well.

15. Ihsahn - angL - Not too much to say here. I liked Unhealer, and every song was 'good', but it wasn't much of a diversion from his solo debut. I wanted more. Please try again.

14. Dying Sun - 5,125 (EP) - This some pretty impressive drone, post-rock, doom stuff. I found these guys on myspace, and decided to download their EP. I love my post-rock, and these guys do a nice job mixing in some metal and doom. A solid release, and I anticipate future projects.

13. Judas Priest - Nostradamus - Eh, its Judas Priest. I found the lyrics to be cheesy, the filler tracks were unnecessary, and the 'concept' was lame. Name-recognition and riffs make this album bearable. Some pretty cool tracks on this one, but as a whole, I didn't really love the album. The traditional parts were headbangin', but I can't see myself playing this album on a regular basis.

12. Dir en Grey - Uroborus - This album should be higher, but I havent had it long enough to love it yet. Its fun and exciting, not mentioned weird. I'll have to spin this a few more times to get a full grasp.

11. Protest the Hero - Fortress - Yep, they sure are progressive and wacky. Mhmm, the vocals are high and diverse. I get it. Thanks. These guys ARE good, but the album sounds like one long song to me. I really hate these new 'progressive albums' that are heralded for being 'diverse, interesting, and new'. And they are: they dont sound like any other band I've ever listened to before. But every song sounds the same. Oh, well. Maybe its an acquired taste. I LOVE Bloodmeat, fyi.
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