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Originally Posted by Jdog View Post
Really? It sure sounds like it. There's nothing wrong with improvisation. It's ok for guitarist to do it but not drummers? And for a drummer to not play beat for beat to the album, that means they're fucking up for improvising? Like I said before, he's not Bonham but he isn't Peter Chris either.
No, man, what I'm trying to say is basically that when he does try to "improvise" he goes off-beat and out of time. Simple as that. Everyone can hear it, even my dad commented afterwards on his drumming without me bringing it up. If he just stuck to the way he plays the songs on the albums the band would be better off for it, that's all I'm saying. He could pull a Brann Dailor and throw random fills around for a whole set for all I care, as long as he stays in time, which he has a hard time doing, and this is surprising to me that such a glaring error would be in the cog of a machine as big as Metallica.
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