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Disturbed -- St. Louis, MO -- December 16th, 2008

Went to see Distured earlier this week, so thought I'd throw the set list up. It wasn't a bad show, I'm glad I went. But I could tell that they've been touring for 6 straight months as I thought his voice was not as strong as it usually is. Set wasn't as long as I would have hoped being that they were the main headliners with only a couple of opening bands, but I guess that's probably due to his voice. I was hoping they might pull some off the wall songs from the first album out, but they stuck to the same 4 songs they usually sing off that album, along with the usual ones all together for that matter. So here it is:

1. Perfect Insanity
2. Liberate
3. Just Stop
4. Voices
5. Indestructible
6. Prayer
7. Land of Confusion
8. Deify
9. Stupify
10. Divide
11. Haunted
12. The Game
13. Inside the Fire
14. Stricken
15. Drum Solo (weird spot for a drum solo I thought)
16. Down with the Sickness
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