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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post
Well done sir (even if I don't understand some of your choices ). I'll probably do blurbs for my top 10 once I get my shit together and solidify it.
Part of the reason I felt it was a good idea to do this was because I knew I had some things in mind that would greatly differ from a good number of you guys.
Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Have you heard the Japanese version of Smile? I heard that before the normal version, and I literally could not describe the genre of music to my friend.
It's so fucking good. Boris are freaking confusing though, releasing like two totally different versions of the same album. I think I like the US version a little bit more, but either one is like

...Another thing I'd like to note is that I really thought this year was not so good compared to last year. I was hoping more than like 3-4 albums to totally blow me away.
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