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Talking Lamb of God -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 19th, 2008

It's 4:00 and I'm getting ready to make the 2 hour drive to Ventura theater with my two friends, Adam and Austin. But of course we get the worst f***ing luck. He gets home from school and his mom who was going to drive him over here (I'm 13 and Adam is 15 and Austin is 16) but of course she's stuck in traffic. Then she gets home and her car won't start . So she pulls a few strings and gets a car to drive them over to my house so my dad can drive us and drop us off at the theatre. Of course the traffic is horrific because it's the holidays in Los Angeles (What do you expect) so it's 4:47 and my friend said he be here in 20 minutes(ish). Doors open at 7:00 so I'm praying to God we get into the pit area because what fun is Lamb of God without going crazy in the mosh pit?? It's 5:30 and we are now leaving. I'm crossing my fingers.

Thank God we're getting good traffic. It's a little after 7:00 and we're in line. We see signs up that The Sword isn't playing! God I was so pissed. we blame it on adam cuz he was sick when he saw them with metallica on thursday hahaha. Anyways there was no replacement. Then we turned and looked at that line. Oh, that line. At the end of the first block that people were waiting we attempted to sneak in as clueless metalheads. Long story short it didn't work.

Nature called, we got into a 21+ bar, thank god noone cared cuz my bladder was about 30 seconds from explosion. After that we went to the back of the line, feeling stupid. Thank God we found out that we could still get into the pit. We get in. We get an ok spot in the right center of the pit area.

The Faceless came on. I swear 90% of the time i had my arms folded while bashing on them with my friends. Their music was all over the place and really inconsistent. I give them a 1/10 because they're just another grindcore band that encourages hxc dancing.

In between The Faceless and Lamb of God I was starving. They were out of all real food at the food bar so I bought a pack of oreo's, yea I know lame, sucked it up and ate it. We went back in. Somehow a pretty violent premosh had started. Something I had never seen before. People just couldn't wait anymore so they were moshing to some Metallica song!! Crazy sh*t. The lights dimmed...They did the same intro as they did on their Walk With Me in Hell DVD!!! I was so excited i went apeshit. I didn't see my friends for the rest of the concert.

Setlist: (Not in order)
1. Hourglass
2. Laid To Rest
3. Pathetic
4. Walk With Me in Hell
5. Descending
6. Blacken the Cursed Sun
7. Ruin
8. 11th Hour
9. Omerta
10. Dead Seeds (New Song)
11. Vigil
12. Fake Messiah (New Song)
13. Redneck (With Wall of Death)
14. Black Label (With Wall of Death)

Randy Blythe looked like a legend. He grew his hair out, and just looked like a fucking wizard. I made eye contact with John Campbell. He is so cool between songs he was chatting it up with the crowd. Mark Morton was doing some crazyass solos and a little improv on Walk with me in Hell Solo he went mini eruption on our ass. Willie Adler was just tight and did his job. Chris Adler is amazing on the drums and overall they're just f***ing amazing!!! My friend gave me the information that they did the wall of death during Redneck AND Black Label because I got kicked out for crowdsurfing during Redneck, I got so pissed and tried to get back in. But it was tight cuz I met this chill dude named Graham who got kicked out during 11th Hour. Anyways that was one of the roughest pits me and my friends had ever been in. Lamb of God continues to be my favorite metal band. a 10/10 score just because I got to see them. Oh and I was also really pissed cuz they didn't play Again We Rise, which is my 2nd favorite Lamb of God song .
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