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Well they fuckin started to play Metal Militia and I got all excited, but then of course they go into Last Caress Major bumsesh. Good show overall though, they came out absolutely on fire the first 4-5 songs, then it really started to lag. The middle of the setlist desperately needed something old/fast to mix things up. 4 black album songs is also 4 too many. And to put it very plainly, Lars Ulrich is not a professional-caliber drummer. End of discussion.

On the positive side, CREEPING DEATH! BLACKENED! WHIPLASH!!!!!!! They also came out at the end and gave Lars the whole pie/confetti shower treatment cuz its his birthday on the 26th, and they all addressed the hometown crowd in a nice sign of appreciation. Crowd was very enthusiastic especially for the newer songs which was probably very rewarding for Metallica to hear and see that response. Cool laser show too, the round stage is also an interesting twist and the band really use it to their advantage in interacting with the crowd.

Overall, they sure ain't High On Fire but they're still an act worth seeing these days
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