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My 2008 Review Thread

Mhm, I've posted my top 10 in the other thread, and I figured I'd do a full 20 here, and perhaps give more depth as to why I chose them. Not to mention pretty pictures for the top 10.

Countdown style!

20. Royal Hunt - Collision Course - This is a funny album, to me. Funny 'cause I'm not sure how to describe it. Hard rock? Power Metal? Prog Metal? Either way, it's intensely keyboard heavy music with some great singing driving it. Good enough to make this list, for sure. Highlight: "The First Rock"

19. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes - Yes, I really liked this album. No, I did not think it was a mindblowing masterpiece like so many other people who heard it. It is what it is, a very (very) good folk(y) album with excellent arrangements and wonderful singing. Highlights: "Sun It Rises," "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"

18. M83 - Saturdays = Youth - A very poppy album. Some would say electronica... some would say shoegaze. Regardless, it's a good listen. It's an album that really brings you to another mood when you listen to it. Fun, fun stuff. Highlight: "Graveyard Girl"

17. Evergrey - Torn - I feel weird that this album isn't much higher. Unfortunately, I have to say it's here. This album is pretty heavy, but maintains a firm grasp on Evergrey's Prog/Power sound. The songs don't go overboard with heaviness in bombast, and Tom Englund's vocals are as powerful and moving as always. Highlight: "Fail"

16. Coffins - Buried Death - I checked out this album on a whim, and boy am I glad I did. This is the most "pure" sounding album on the list thus far, by which I mean that it is pure fucking brutal death metal. This shit kicks my ass all over the place, and I fucking enjoy it. Highlight: "Under The Stench"

15. The Game - LAX - Um. What. I listened to this album mostly (indirectly) because I was so disappointed with Immortal Technique's new one. Not being a fan of this guy, I didn't expect to actually enjoy this much, but I did. Not much else to say about that... other than I lost the game while typing this. Highlight: "Money"

14. Children of Bodom - Blooddrunk - Huh? I don't hate this album? Nope, I don't. It took me a whole year of (not really) listening to this album (that much) to realized that, no, it doesn't suck. It's pretty good. It's no Hatebreeder (an album of that quality released this year would probably grace the top 3), but it's still pretty alright, and a major step up from the previous album. Not bad, guys. Highlight: "Hellhounds on my Trail"

13. MUCC - Shion - The second Japanese band to make my list, after Coffins, MUCC, are less metal at times, but the majority of this album is pretty freaking metal. This is probably their second best album today and features all sorts of wonderful stuff like the title tracks 5/4 chorus, or FUZZ's flat-out absurd jumpy/catchiness. It's just very nice and fun to listen to, to me. Highlights: "FUZZ," "Shiva"

12. Torche - Meanderthal - So, I first heard of these guys because they were opening for Boris. I checked out a few songs and though "I guess they're pretty good." Then it turned out they were fucking awesome live, so I got the whole new album. This shit is off-the-walls stoner metal with mostly short songs, but with a few moments of heavy-ass drone parts (like the title track.) Highlights: "Triumph of Venus," "Healer"

11. Nine Inch Nails - The Slip - I'm pretty into Nine Inch Nails, and give them major props for releasing this album for free. However, I would not pay the (LOL TWENTY DOLLARS I SAW IT FOR NEAR ME) for a physical copy of this. It's good, but rather disappointing by NIN standards. If you will, a step down from Year Zero, but still better than With_Teeth. I feel like I just dissed the album, but it really is pretty damned good (I just cannot deny the catchiness of "Echoplex" and some other songs). I just expect more from NIN, I guess. Highlight: "Discipline"

And now, I am going to take a quick break to get me some cereal and follow this post up with a pretty little top 10.
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