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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
I can't totally support that statement, but there's definitely no work that can touch the first four as a complete album, let alone anything worth my $15.

I can understand still going to see them live, but most of the people who still support them and think that Death Magnetic is a return to their glory days are just following in blind fanboy-ism because it's Metallica. It's a different band from Metal Up Your Ass, the rest of the Cliff era, the Black Album, 'tallica, or St. Anger (t0tally suxors). But it's all called Metallica, and because Metallica was metal when it was, the fanboys still think it's metal.

To their credit (James, Lars, Kirk, and mostly Cliff), they were untouchable between '85 and '86. They weren't just THE thrash band, but they were THE band, up there with Zeppelin, Sabbath and Maiden in their day. Sadly today, the current lineup is only funded by the lingering fans from the early days and the next generation of kids who are fans of Lamb of God and the ones learning the MoP solo note for note.

If you know what's been going on for the past 20 years it's not hard to come to the conclusion that for one, Cliff was the one who is responsible for turning another run of the mill band from the thrash movement into a modern day phenomenon. Second, after the Black Album, there haven't been more than a handful of songs with any depth or anything to say. Nothing they have put out in the past 15 years wasn't written by a number of artists already; "I like driving fast cars", "Life passes you by quickly", "I have drug problems".

For those of you who still say "fuck you, Metallica rules", so be it. Ignorance is bliss.
Are you honestly trying to say Death Magnetic isn't metal? A return to the glory days, I'd say not, but it really is the best album they've put out since Justice, and it's pretty freaking good.

Also, it's absolutely retarded to say that Cliff was the driving force behind the band. The guy helped write about 9 songs or so for the entire band. The rest of the 33, including the ones Cliff helped to write, all have Hetfield/Ulrich stamped on them. Not to mention, their best album (IMO) was written entirely without Cliff, excluding parts of To Live is to Die. Hetfield/Ulrich have always been the driving force of Metallica, and since Lars is a shitty/mediocre drummer - I'd like to say Hetfield is the reason Metallica are Metallica.

Also, um, LOL at "Nothing they have put out in the past 15 years wasn't written by a number of artists already". Because FYI nothing they have ever put out hasn't been written by a number of artists already. You're pretty seriously fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

tl;dr: fuck you, Metallica rules

...I don't even like Metallica that much, I just know that most of the Metallica-bashing is idiotic and founded in, well, almost nothing.
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