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FUCK That was the first gig I've been to since August, fucking AWESOME. Drunk Horse were dope as hell, their singer/guitarist can fuckin play and it was cool watching the old acid casualty looking guy on second guitar Drummer was outstanding too on that tiny kit. And they were hella loud and as Tony mentioned super tight. Latter-day Clutch + 70's ZZ Top + 70's Judas Priest = Drunk Horse's sound

Matt Pike is a beast. He's my hero. High On Fire live sound like a jumbo jet crashing at full speed into a mountain. Stood right in front of Pike and his gigantic amps throughout the show, none so heavy. They pretty much played my favorite songs of theirs too. Shared a fat J with my friends as they started playing, got hella stoned. Crowd was surprisingly cool/into the show for being mostly old people. Epic fucking metal.
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