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My conversations with Metallica

4. With Lars

Lars : Hey man. I love your t-shirt! Its fuckin cool man!
Me : Yea. SoCal Up Your Ass! Thats the Southern California chapter of the fan club.
Lars : Oh yea I know a bit about it. Do you run the chapter?
Me : No. Some other guy does. He was the one who sold us the shirts.
Lars : Cool!
Lars signs my flag, his picture on the Ride the Lightning CD booklet and on the Death Magnetic booklet. While signing the DM picture, he started signing it with black, I wanted silver. So..
Me : No no! Silver!
Lars : I'll bleed on it if you want! Silver it is!
Me : Hehe I'm sorry.
Lars poses for the picture. Quite a funny pose too
Me : I have 2 requests. As an Indian I request you to please come to India. We all love you there. And also, play Metal Militia!
Lars : Woow! Metal Militia and India! Which one do you want first?
Me : India! No! Metal Militia!
Lars : (Laughing) Make up your mind. Ok we'll do both! We'll go to India and play Metal Militia over there. Cool?
Me : Hell yeaa!!
Lars : Cool man! Have fun tonight!
Then after doing the meet with everyone else, he turned around, looked at me, raised his fist and shouted "Metal Militia and India! Yeaa!!". And of course I shouted back
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