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My conversations with Metallica

3. With James

James : Hey man wassup
Me : Hey! Great pleasure!
James signs my Ride the Lightning CD booklet and Ride the Lightning flag
James : So we know what your favorite album is.
Me : Yep! ... Did you play the piano on Unforgiven 3?
James : Yea I did! But the actual story goes like this. I played on the demo, but when that song was getting finalized for the record, I was on tour. So they got another player to do that part for the album.
Me : Please come to India sometime soon. India loves Metallica!
James: Thats good to hear man. When things work out we will try our best to go there!
Me : That would be great! By the way great show in Ontario!
James: Oh yea it was. Cool! Enjoy this one too!
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