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Suicidal Tendencies -- St. Paul, MN -- December 11th, 2008

Tour: West Meets East Tour 2008
Headliner: Suicidal Tendencies
Support: Madball & Whole Wheat Bread
Venue: Station 4, St. Paul, MN
Date: December 11th, 2008

On December 11th, I spent eight hours traveling to visit a client and was exhausted. I decided to skip this show as the day was long and I was worn out. At 9:15 pm that night, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going insane! I had to catch Suicidal! I told my wife that I was going and kissed her and the kids goodbye. I headed into St. Paul and quickly texted my good buddy, Eric S. on the way. I was panicking, as I thought that I would miss a part of their set. I asked him in the text when the headliner would start if there were two opening bands and the show began at 8:00. He correctly told me 10:00, so I was in perfect shape for my 25-minute drive into the city.

I made it to Station 4 with 20 or so minutes to spare. This place was packed! The venue was obviously 100s of people past its maximum capacity. I walked through the densely populated crowd and found my way to the stage. I somehow found a spot, one off the rail, near the center.

Eventually, the lights went out and I heard “From Venice Beach, California, Suicidal Tendencies!”

Suicidal came out and immediately started playing an old school thrash show. Within no time, pits were opening up, the crush began, and all hell broke loose! We were all bouncing all over the place and trying to hold our place. By the time that the second song began, I saw several guys standing on the left side of the stage. All of a sudden, one of them ran and flipped right into the crowd. I was like, “No shit! Stage diving!” I haven’t seen this since an Anthrax show back in 1989!

The energy in the place was insane, the crowd was great, and Mike Muir was in full force, along with the rest of his band. The show felt like the shows that I attended back in high school. Stage diving all over the place, a sweet thrash groove, and people having an awesome time! Suicidal Tendencies were better live than I ever imagined possible.

Right before they started their last song, Mike kept pointing to people in the crowd, and said, “Come here!” He asked about 20 people to climb up on stage with the band during their last song. They started “Pledge Your Allegiance” and almost every person on stage started slam dancing and having fun. Somehow, the band kept it together, while being crowded and having people bounce off each of them.

I managed to catch two picks and a set list, which was fortunate, as I was getting bounced around too much to document the songs.

They spoke about putting out a new album in the near future and a tour. When this comes around, everyone should catch it. It was insane!

Suicidal Tendencies set list:

You Can’t Bring Me Down
We Are Family
War Inside My Head
Send Me Your Money
Come Alive
Trip At The Brain
Cyco Vision
Possessed To Skate
No Mercy Fool
I Saw Your Mommy…
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

I Shot Reagan
Fascist Pig
Pledge Your Allegiance

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