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Dragonforce -- Maplewood, MN -- December 12th, 2008

Overall an interesting evening with these bands. Powerglove came on and i was excited but it seemed that very few others really cared. the crowd was one of the most none-moving crowds i have ever seen. me and 2 other guys were the only moving the hair around, and it took the crowd all to way to "In The Court Of Jarisleif" to finally get into Turisas...and Dragonforce was like everyone with cameras out the whole time.

favorite part of the evening would have to be when Dragonforce singer was throwing out bottles of water...he twisted the cap off and chucked it into the crowd, i was farly back from the stage and the cap seemed to have reached me, i reached out and caught it...the singer noticed i caught it and gave me the thumbs up...he than attempted to throw the bottle at me, but over threw it...he got another bottle which i ended up catching, than this guy next to me hit me on the back and said, "that was fucking awsome" it made me feel good about myself to be physically part of the concert...honoral favorite part mention was when Herman and the Keyboardist were running around the building playing when they were making the way back to the stage the keyboardest was playing a solo-type part in the song and went up to this attractive blonde girl and started kissing...maybe borderline making out with her...while play, than continued to back on stage...very entertaining

setlists as follows.


1) Tetris(Themes b and c)
2) Fuck The Duck
3) Mortal Kombat
4) So Sexy Robotnik
5) Omnishred
6) Mario Minor
7) Power Rangers


1) Battle Metal
2) A Portage To The Unknown
3) One More
4) In The Court Of Jarisleif
5) Rasputin
6) To Holmgard And Beyond


Heroes Of Our Time
Operation Ground And Pound
Reasons To Live
Fury Of The Storm
The Warrior Inside
(Keyboard Solo)
Revolution Deathsquad
The Last Journey Home
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
Valley Of The Damned
Through The Fire And Flames

i am about 99% sure Dragonforce did not play My Spirit Will Go On...which is kind of weird. but hey did a nice job even if the crowd stood there like statues for a great majority of the time
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