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High On Fire -- San Jose, CA -- December 12th, 2008

Death Is This Communion
Commeth Down Hessian
To Cross the Bridge (cut off during the solo due to guitar issues)
Rumors of War/Dii
Brother In The Wind
Waste of Tiamat
Fury Whip

Kind of a bittersweet night. I got to see High On Fire about a mile away from school for free, which meant standing in the rain outside a little bar. Since I'm not as much satisfied as stoked on them again, I'll be going to the SF show on Thursday. The setlist was identical except they swapped out Cyclopian Scape for Fireface. Didn't see that one coming.
I'd also like to note that it didn't start raining until they broke into Death Is This Communion.
"The pact is made with human sacrifice, under storm filled skies"
That's one thing Tegan & Sara can't do.
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