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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat View Post
Disturbed setlist looks decent.

MachineHead only 5 songs?

Slipknot setlist is terrible!!
Yes!!! Thank you!!!!!
The Slipknot setlist was terrible!!!!
Why have the damn intro as Danger Keep Away? and why open with Surfacing?
When I saw them on the Subliminal Verses tour, Surfacing was the encore and they opened with The Blister Exists. That was a good setlist. I have it here still if you want me to post it, just ask me.

It was kind of like a mistake that Iron Maiden did on the Matter of Life and Death tour. They played that whole album, which was very unessecary.
Dont get me wrong, it was a great album, their best since Bruce's Return, but they didnt need to play that whole thing.
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