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I was planning on going to this last night, and I got lost as fuck (Mapquest=utter fail) and somehow ended up in Inglewood, then asked for directions at a taco bell and eventually wound up further away in fuckin Torrance, and I had originally left from Marina Del Rey. Wound up driving around for fuckin 2 hours first sitting through the ridiculous traffic on the 405, then missed the I-10 east ramp cuz of the construction, had to double back, THEN ended up lost and in the cuts. At least I'm seeing them in a week in San Francisco which is AN ACTUAL CITY not like goddamn phantom city of Los Angeles where it can take you 3 hours to get from one end of the "city" (see: massive sprawling suburbia) to the other. GAH. Rant over.

How was Krallice?
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