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Dragonforce -- Toronto, Canada -- December 5th, 2008

Tour: Ultra Beatdown world Tour 08
Venue: Kool Haus
Support: Turisas, Powerglove

Overall: Incredible Show. First was Powerglove, which they got some good support from the crowd, they had some cheer and even a small moshpit. Next was Turisas, which they got the least support from the crowd. They did not have any moshpit whatsoever, well from what I saw. Well im pretty sure there wasnt because I was up front hanging on that security rail. Overall, they got the least support from the crowd. I thought they were ok, but the people around me loved them. Next was Dragonforce! Now your talkin! They took forever to come on, and I as well as everyone else was starting to get real impatient. Everyone was screaming and yelling waiting for them to come on stage. So finally they come on stage and play an awesome set. At the end of the show I caught ZP's water bottle. I still have it, not even opened and it has his name on it. I felt really proud for catching it. People say that Dragonforce cant play live, that is complete bullcrap! They are awesome live. Here are the setlists.

-Mortal Kombat
-So Sexy Robotnik
-Mario Minor
-Power Rangers

-Battle Metal
-A Portage To The Unknown
-One More
-In The Court Of Jarisleif
-To Holmgard And Beyond

-Heroes Of Our Time
-Operation Ground And Pound
-Reasons To Live
-Fury Of The Storm
-The Warrior Inside
-(Keyboard and Guitar solo)
-Revolution Deathsquad
-The Last Journey Home
-Soldiers Of The Wasteland
-My Spirit Will Go On
-Valley Of The Damned
-Through The Fire And Flames

AWESOME! AMAZING! They were on fire!!!!!!!

Saw them on the Inhuman Rampage as well, but on this tour, they have gotten so much stronger and better!! the sound was awesome and they put off a good stage show!!!!
I am definantly going to see Dragonforce again one day!

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