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Thumbs up Exodus -- Hollywood, CA -- December 7th, 2008

Wow, Okay, I finally got up to write this goddamn review of this show.
I'm not gonna bore you with the opening bands(but if you like fantasy metal Elfion are dope. No, seriously, fucking check them out.
Anyway, here we go.

Exodus opened the show with Iconoclasm, an AMAZING song, and the second the first note of the riff was played, the crowd went BALLISTIC. As the songs progressed, the mosh got bigger and bigger. I was lucky enough to be right up front, directly in front of Lee. Every note rang clear as a bell, and Rob Dukes fucking wailed. Then, madness struck. Some little pecker in the crowd COCKPUNCHED Rob. He dropped his mic and decked the little shit in the head and threatened to beat him after the show. Epic? Yes.
The show really took off after they "left." But, naturally it was a teaser and they came back out and played the ENTIRE "BONDED BY BLOOD" album!!!!
The show ended with Lee bringing a kid up onstage to play guitar.
Rob dedicated the whole show to Baloff(RIP)
The band was really cool with everyone, they handed out picks to a lucky few, myself included

The show lasted a good two hours. It was a sight to behold
Here is what I can remember from the set list

Funeral Hymn
War is My Shepard
Children of a Worthless God
Toxic Waltz.

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