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AC/DC -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 6th, 2008

The setlist was same as the other shows on the tour. This is purely a review.

I still can't believe that I saw AC/DC. I mean .. they were away from the limelight for almost 8 years upto now. I honestly never thought they would tour again! So this was a really thrilling experience!!

The opening band 'The Answer' from Northern Ireland was pretty cool I thought. They played some gooood Rock n Roll. They played for about 30 minutes or so, from 8 to 8 30.

We weren't made to wait a whole lot long after that. AC/DC hit the stage at 9.
Oh man .. that cartoon video as intro got me pumped so much .. and at the end of the video the screen split into half and a huge train engine appeared on stage!! Fuckin wow!!

Then Angus's opening riff for Rock N Roll train .. fuuuck!! I went nuts .. totally nuts. The songs kept getting better and better as the show went on! Following rock n roll train we got Hell Ain't A Bad Place, after which it was time for Back In Black. I couldn't believe it. Seeing AC/DC themselves .. performing Back In Black .. 7th row from stage. Angus still has the same amount of energy as before. He hasn't lost even one bit of it.

They played 5 songs off the new album, and I loved all of them a lot. They did 'The Jack' during which Angus did his famous strip show That was really enjoyable. He showed his undies which had the AC/DC logo on them.
Then Brian hung on the bell for Hells Bells. Their energy was amazing for their age. Malcom's backing vocals on Dirty Deeds were memorable.

For Let There Be Rock, Angus went fuckin wild. He played a very long solo. Must have been like 10 minutes long. He ran down the runway starting from the center of the stage, at the end of which there was a circular platform which started lifting as soon as angus reached it. Angus was soloing about 30 feet high in the air and rolling on the platform while doing it!

The inflated balloon of the bikini-clad female for Whole Lotta Rosie was real fun too. The pyros during TNT and We Salute You were mind blowing. I could feel the heat and smell of those.

Now for a word on the crowd. The worst crowd I have ever had in a show. Period. 95% of them were oldies. In that front section, I was the only guy jumping and going nuts. Really. All others were just STANDING with hands folded!! I was like ..dude this is AC/DC after 8 fuckin years!!!

They were behaving as if someone has said to them "ok you are sentenced to a punishment of going through a AC/DC show. now go and do it".
People were leaving in between songs to fuckin buy beer! I mean .. you have your whole life to drink beer man. Many people were leaving during Angus's solo! WTF!! The loser guy next to me must have gone out like 5-6 times totally. And kept giving me stares as I was busy head banging and jumping. So at the end I was totally drenched in sweat, while everyone else, I repeat everyone else had a bored look on their face. And the sad part is that most of these people bought the AC/DC lighted horn thingies. Sorry to say this but all the wrong people ended up at this show. People with money and no passion.
My friend was in the colonade section which was the 3rd tier of seats. You could expect at least people in the cheaper seats to be of a younger age group and more passionate. But he gave me the exact same review of the crowd after the show.
I'm really glad that the band is still coming out to places like these and doing shows. I would totally understand if they skipped this country altogether. The crowd response was close to ZERO. No one except me and very few others were singing along for 'She's got the Jack' and 'We Salute You'.
If not for the shitty crowd, I might have considered going to the Monday show. I mean I still had the most fun in my life at this show, but its always much better if the whole crowd is participating.. and not just a handful.
And the worst thing was that they didn't keep GA standing section for this. It was all seats. Even on the floor. That sucks balls. Really does.
Anyway, wonderful show. Thanks to all who read the review upto this point. Bows to AC/DC, cheers to all fans who are gonna see them in the upcoming shows.
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