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In Flames -- Baltimore, MD -- December 5th, 2008

I Am The Highway
Vanishing Light
The Mirror's Truth
The Hive
Satellites and Astronauts
Pinball Map
Delight and Angers
Cloud Connected
Jester Race Medley
Come Clarity
Sleepless Again
The Quiet Place
Take This Life

Same as they have been doing whole tour except for some reason they did not play trigger between the quiet place and take this life. Overall I thought they had the vocals way too low and the set list was shit. I understand you have to promote a new album but you don't need to play over half the songs from it. Nothing from Colony is a disgrace also. Was disappointed that the songs getting the best reactions were probably alias, disconnected, cc, and take this life. My final complaint is having take this life as a closer just cause everyone knows it from a video game and it is so popular with the new fans. Its pretty much a thrash song and doesn't really fit the closer spot like My Sweet Shadow put the cap on shows and before that even colony for a bit.
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