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Originally Posted by Electric/Funeral55 View Post
Savatage is indeed on the most underated bands of all time. Although the albums that Maiden33 do kick major ass. If you want to go deeper into the vault and can stomach concept albums. Make sure to pick up Dead Winter Dead and The Wake of Magellan. You will not be sorry and even though I am also pissed off at the fact that I missed out on seeing Savatage years ago. I was lucky enough to meet Alex Skolnik who was in Savatage for one album and speaking of said album. Make sure to also pick up Handful of Rain. Plus I also have my Savatage shirt to be thankful for. tehehehe
Wise words.
To be honest, I really enjoy every Savatage album. Some are signifigantly better than others, but I get enjoyment from parts of every album they ever did.
If I had to rank, I'd say I view their discography like this:
Streets > Edge of Thorns > Handful of Rain > Dead Winter Dead = The Wake of Magellan = Gutter Ballet > Poets and Madmen > Hall of the Mountain King > Power of the Night > Fight For the Rock = Sirens

I've never met Alex Skolnick, but I've met Jon Oliva, Zak Stevens, Chris Caffery, and Jeff Plate, all more than once except for Plate. I couldn't have been happier with how nicely they treated me. Jon truly treats his friends like family. When I met them I didn't feel like: "OMG I'm meeting Jon Oliva". I was at first, but then I was overcome with this genuine niceness that made me feel like I was talking to someone who I'd known for longer than just a few moments, probably through the deep emotional connection of so much of Jon's music.

I too am now fortunate enough to have a Savatage shirt. I was able to get one of those Criss Oliva guitar graphic shirts off of Ebay for a pretty penny. I'm very happy to have it.

And I truely believe they are the most underated, underappreciate, and ultimate cult band of all-time. They mean the world to their fans but to everyone else they're nobodies.

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