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The Fall of Troy -- San Diego, CA -- December 3rd, 2008

venue: Soma Side stage

TFOT surprised me how well they sounded after hearing a few bad reviews from friends I guess you would have to see for yourself. But in my opinion they sounded amazing and the opening acts where very good as well.

set list as follows

-Whacko jacko steals elephant man's bones
-Ghost ship part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4
-Part 5 (also a little guitar drum battle towards the end of the song)
-----------------------------------------------------(minuet or so break)
- Bump bump
-Laces out dan
-Reigning blood jam

Andrew then got up from his drum set and ran up to me and gave me his set list

I thought that was cool

over all very good show, Phantom on the horizon kicks ass go see them on tour
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