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Well, I feel like we drew the short(est) straw here in Seattle. In my opinion, way, WAY too much black album material coupled with not nearly enough songs from the first three albums. This was my first Metallica show since the 80's and ultimately, after a fairly strong start, I'd have to say it was a disappointment. Aside from Motorbreath (my favorite Metallica song and, amusingly, one that it seemed like very few in the crowd even knew), there weren't any surprises in the setlist. This was probably the worst set since the opener in Phoenix. I know, I know - they have to play the black album for all of the newer fans who have made them into millionaires. And I really shouldn't be bitter about it - after all I knew what I was getting into - but seeing some of the setlists that were posted from around the country, I had allowed myself to dream about the old days with Cliff. Those days are over and I'll just have to stick with my memories. Some positives though - some of the new songs sounded really good to me (I don't own the album), great audience interaction from the band, and the crowd (a majority of whom said it was their first time seeing the band) were really into it. Cheers to the new fans, and I freely admit I'm in the minority on this one, but one from RTL and two from MOP (by far their best album) just doesn't get the job done in my book.
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