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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post

Now, as to the actual quality of the music on the album, as I said, it's alright. But the universally positive reviews it's getting (see the "Professional Reviews" sidebar on: are somewhat puzzling to me.'s review says it sounds "as if it could come after ...And Justice for All". Fine.
It's called "wanting to get that interview with Metallica for our publication." They practically did the exact same thing for St. Anger. I would love for every magazine to give Metallica a negative review, because then, because of the obvious "you give us a good review, we'll give you an interview" business tactics, they'd have no one left to do business with because everyone thinks they suck, and Lars will have no magazine to reward for stroking his ego.

I'll probably never get this album, even if I did stick up for St. Anger. In an ironic turn of events, I'm just too butthurt to care. I'll probably get United Abominations first before ever bothering with this.
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