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Soulfly -- Kansas City, MO -- November 23rd, 2008

Blood, Fire, War, Hate
Troops Of Doom
Seek 'N' Strike
Fire / Mars
Drum Jam - W/ Snot!!!
Beneath The Remains
Roots Bloody Roots
Eye For An Eye

No Encore...

Seemed like kind of a short setlist considering all of the records that Max can pull from. Jumpdafuckup was in the setlist which wasn't played which I'm really fine w/ unless they were going to play "Bring It" right after the song like they normally do. They did also play "Execution Style" but it was not in the setlist. Got there just in time to see Bleed The Sky, eh..... A surprisingly small show for a Sunday night. Maybe around 300 people or so. It was freaking awesome that Snot just happened to be there to participate in the drum jam. I got several pics of the drum jam with Snot involved. If anybody cares to see the pics they are on my Myspace page:

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