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i've been through this shit so much recently its fucking terrible. i cant stand deathcore bands and their fans. i live in LA so we have the worst type of deathcore kids. alot of them are wiggers, scenesters, and big brocore guys who think theyre tough. most of them only like the breakdowns. every deathcore band ive seen these deathcore faggots stand in the pit looking bored until a breakdown comes in so they can hxc dance.
ive seen this happen during whitechapel, emmure, suicide silence, acacia strain, bring me the horizon, born of osiris, beneath the massacre, after the burial, etc.

some of the bands decent but most of them are complete shit. i really cant wait for this deathcore trend to end. especially since deathcore bands keep opening up for bands i want to see so i gotta deal w/ these deathcore faggots.
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