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Dragonforce -- Orlando, FL -- November 22nd, 2008

This show was the most fun I've had a concert yet! It was my third time seeing Dragonforce, second time seeing Powerglove, and first with Turisas. THis was the 1st time ever I have seen Dragonforce play every single song the whole night PERFECTLY. It was a sight to be seen! Powerglove was ofcourse amazing (Throwing Balloon Swords, Beach Balls, and Starbursts into the crowd). The whole place was shaking from the roars we gave each band. Turisas compared us to Montreal saying "This is once crowd that will be tough to beat the rest of this tour...". Which in my mind proves that Florida is the second home for Metal Bands, we give bands the best crowds! If you have a chance to see this show do it! If you have doubts about Dragonforce, they will be silenced! They can do everything live, and not sloppy.

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