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In Flames -- Los Angeles, CA -- November 22nd, 2008

Epic night! Just came back from the show!! All the bands were fuckin' badass!

Really enjoyed all the bands. In Flames were fuckin amazing!! And I don't fuckin care whatever people say about the set list. Loved singing and growling along for each and every In Flames song.

For me this was the craziest show in terms of moshing and crowd surfers, can't remember so much moshing in any other show since Gigantour in May.
Plus I scored 5 picks! One each from 36 Crazyfists, Gojira and ATR, and 2 In Flames!

Here's the list:

I Am The Highway
Vanishing Light
The Mirror's Truth
The Hive
Satellites and Astronauts
Pinball Map
Delight and Angers
Cloud Connected
Jester Race Medley
Come Clarity
Sleepless Again
The Quiet Place
Take This Life
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