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Originally Posted by Sinfulsot View Post
I also posted the set list at ultimate metal forum and i was informed at that site that i forgot Eve of Seduction.

I edited my initial post to reflect that.

if it's who i think it is, it was this rather hot blond girl.
haha, no. xD Sorry to disappoint you. Where were you in the venue, btw?

Originally Posted by Maiden33
I doubt it was either a curfew or a conscious decision to play a shortened set. Symphony X just generally doesn't play very long, only about 90 minutes. People freak out when they see only 12 songs, but when you account for most of those being 6-7 minutes, it's a lot longer than it seems.
Mmm. I know they played for 90 minutes, but it just seemed to go by really quickly. Their Hartford gig in April was like that, too.

(Also, hi. I lurked here for a while and finally decided to register. -wave-)
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