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Symphony X -- Wantagh, NY -- November 20th, 2008

Hey everyone, it's almost 4am and I just got home from the Symphony X gig at Mulcahy's on Long Island. This was my fourth time seeing them in the past 18 months and as expected they certainly did not dissapoint.

We got the venue around 5:30, ate at a McDonald's up the street, and then spent the 2 hours until doors talking to people outside. Luckily to thank us for coming the long drive (2 and a half hours), opening band Lazarus put us on the guest list, saving us the $20 apiece to get in.
The venue atmosphere was excellent. Just as I expected, a great, more intimate show.
Long Island's own Lazarus were the only support for the night. The sole reason I came to this show as opposed to the 2 shows following it, and they certainly kicked enough ass to justify the trip. Unfortunately their set was comprised almost entirely of new stuff from their upcoming full-length album "Awaken", so I didn't get to hear as many tracks off of "Episode One" as I had hoped. Regardless they really played a great set and the new material really impressed me. Not to mention "Wings of Avalon" was just plain awesome.
Lazarus set list:
1.As the Dark so the Light
2.Bones to Dust
3.The Death of Me
4.The Inquisitor
5.Wings of Avalon
6.Beneath the Surface

Symphony X came on just after 10 and really kicked things off with a bang with the surprise opening of Eve of Seduction and the EXCELLENT re-addition of Evolution. As always with them crowd interaction and band interaction is about as good as it gets. The sound was without a doubt the best of all the times I've seen them, the keyboards finally being well represented in the mix for once. Really, can't say enough positive things about them. Some great changes to the set list. Evolution and Church of the Machine ruled, and expected other highlights included Paradise Lost, Smoke and Mirrors, and Revelation/Divine Wings VII. A really great show all around, and I got a pick from Michael Romeo and a drumstick from Jason Rullo.
Symphony X set list:
Intro: Occulus Ex Inferni
1.Eve of Seduction
2.Evolution (The Grand Design)
3.Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
4.The Serpent's Kiss
5.Paradise Lost
6.Church of the Machine
7.King of Terrors
8.Smoke and Mirrors
9.Revelation / Divine Wings of Tragedy VII
10.Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
12.Of Sins and Shadows
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