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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I don't know anything about a curfew in Worcester, so I highly doubt that was the case.

How was the attendance? I was supposed to go to this but ended up not being able to secure transportation. I really wish I had been there, though, I think seeing Symphony X in the upstairs would have ruled.
curfew: it is more speculation than anything. which leads me to believe, the short(er) set was more about a quickie for the fans for the taste before they settle in to record the next. or whatever their plan(s).

venue: it was rather tightly packed in there. during the encore there were two assholes that had to cause trouble. i think they knew each other. asshole #1 had to manoeuvre in front of me and pulled the hair of asshole #2 which more or less tossed him into a bunch of people and asshole #2 took that to mean its slam dance time, but thankfully he kept it short. and no slam dance takers either. also thankfully.

Russell Allen made mention of the intimacy of the upstairs room. but he turned it into being about the weather. "it gets cold in the northeast. and you guys like to be close. sweating on each other like true metal fans".
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